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Sex Drive Killer in Men

When you are in a relationship, loss of interest in sex, or low sex drive, can be a major problem, and it can be a big reason to worry. Generally people who are in mid age or in the later half of their age, they suffer from these kind of situations. Both men and women are reported to suffer from these kinds of problems, and these issues has been a major reason for the relationship breaking. But now a day’s people from young age also have been suffering from the same kind of problems. When there is loss or lack of interest in lovemaking, it directly affects your relationship and cause relationship issues.

The main fuel for sexual desire in men and women is testosterone level, once this testosterone level gets affected it directly affects the intensity of sexuality in both men and women. Testosterone is the hormone that lets men to perform better in sexual activity and also it helps in women for staying longer and enjoying more.

Why Sex Drive gets killed in Men.

Testicles are source of testosterone in men. Men with their testicles produce testosterone throughout their life, it has been reported that when a man enters in his mid or later age of his life, after 40 the testosterone level in men get decreased by 1%. The reduction in testosterone level results in reduction of sperm, muscle growth, and memory skills as well as sex drive.

One another observed fact about testosterone level and overweight men is that fat cells in overweight men produce estrogen which further reduces sex drive. Sex can be a good way to loose your weight, but if your sex desire is getting affected, then it hurt you in both ways i.e. it hurts your relationship and also because of lack of sex exercise, you will get overweight.. Men who snore usually have lower levels of testosterone, and the hormone is also diminished by diabetes, cancer and chemotherapy, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, liver disease , diabetes, hemochromatosis (iron overload disease), and many medications. Of all these conditions, the most common and most correctible cause of diminished sex drive is obesity.

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